Manufacturer of Metal Expansion Joints and Metal Hose Pump Connectors. TCH offers Rubber, Metal, PTFE Expansion Joints, Expansion Compensators, Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints, Seismic V and U Connectors, PTFE Hose and Pipe Guides. Click Here to view the Twin City Hose Website.

Metal Expansion Joints

These expansion joints are constructed of single or multi-ply stainless steel bellows. Available in single, universal and pressure balanced with or without liners, tie rods or covers.

Rubber Expansion Joints

Available in a variety of rubber materials, these units are very cost effective at solving motion and noise problems.

PTFE Expansion Joints

PTFE Expansion Joints

Constructed of molded PTFE, these joints provide exceptional corrosion resistance and accommodate for varying degrees of misalignment, axial travel and angular deflection within the system.

Compensators and Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints

Expansion compensator’s can be utilized in piping for domestic hot water, chilled water, heating water, steam and steam condensate.

Externally Pressurized EJ (TFEP) : A perfect solution to absorb axial movement and thermal expansion.

Pump Connectors and Metal Hose Assemblies

Flexible pump connectors are domestically fabricated from either bronze or stainless steel hose surrounded with a heavy-duty woven metal wire braid. TCH fabricates a wide variety of flexible metal connectors that isolate vibration, absorb thermal growth and compensate for misalignment.

Seismic V and U Connectors

V and U flex connectors provide superior protection against any unpredictable seismic or thermal pipe expansion or compression movement.

Pipe Guides

Pipe guides are needed to facilitate the thermal expansion of a pipeline so that the movement is properly directed to the expansion joint.