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d-go Expert Max

With DRILTEC’s new d-go EXPERT extraction drill bits, drill dust is removed right at its source during the drilling process, providing for virtually dust free holes when required for a secure anchor installation or post-installed reinforcement.

SDS-Max Shank

SDS-Max Chisels

Fast cutting edges, with two center points for faster and more accurate drilling.


Radio Core Bits

Radical new design. Enhanced for increased carbide embodiment. Reduced body to drilling diameter decreases hole wall friction. Unique new carbide composition and tip shape. Sturdy high-grade chrome molybdenum steel body. This new core bit design will maximize drilling speed and tool life up to 30% over other systems. Integration with the Ratio-System provides for fantastic system flexibility.

The alternating pointed chisel carbide teeth and the spade carbide teeth are designed to optimize and enhance each other during the drilling operation. The chisel tips score and break-up the materials as well as stabilize the core bits’ working characteristics. The spade tips further break and remove the materials. Even problems associated with drilling re-enforced concrete are greatly reduced with this new bit design.

SDS-PLUS Drill Bits

• Sturdy drill stop ring to avoid concrete penetration.
• Centering tip for quick spot drilling!
• Enhanced dust removal with full luting to drill stop!